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List: What Australia’s political leaders have proposed for donation reform

Malcolm Turnbull favours limiting donations to people on the electoral roll. Photo: Sanghee LiuPrime Minister Malcolm TurnbullFavours limiting donations to people on the electoral roll but wants to leave the matter to the parliamentary committee on electoral matters”I would like, if we can manage it, financial participation in the election process to be limited to those people who can vote and that’s where we should get to.”

Former prime minister Tony AbbottLimit donations to people on the electoral roll and introduce more timely disclosure”Plainly we do need to subject any changes to scrutiny to ensure there are no unintended consequences, but in the wake of the Dastyari affair, this does need to be looked at again.”

Defence Industry Minister Christopher PyneLimit donations to people on the electoral roll but acknowledges constitution’s implied right to freedom of political communication”I am unfussed about foreign donations as long as they are properly declared and they are from individuals.”

Opposition Leader Bill ShortenBan foreign donations, reduce disclosure threshold from $13,000 (indexed to inflation) to $1,000, curb donation splitting, ban receipt of anonymous donations over $50″I say to Malcolm Turnbull, be prepared. Next week you can either work with us or oppose us, but by hook or by crook, Labor is going to propose legislation which will ban foreign donations.”

Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese​Ban foreign donations, ruled out banning union donations”Malcolm Turnbull has said that he supports action on that front. We can do it very quickly; we can do it next week.”

​Greens leader Richard Di Natale

Bans on foreign and corporate donations, strict caps on donations from individuals, unions and not-for-profit groups, introduced a federal anti-corruption body

​”What we’re talking about is an end to big money politics, wherever that money comes from.”

Former NSW Liberal premier Nick GreinerBan on donations from organisations, cap of $1000-2000 on individual donations, real-time disclosure”This goes to public trust in the way our government operates and public confidence in government is very low at the moment.”

Former NSW Liberal MP and party treasurer Michael YabsleyLimit donations to people on the electoral roll, cap individual donations at $500″And I believe that would, as they say, pass the smell test in terms of an amount of money that is sufficiently insufficient that no one could really argue that any kind of inducement is being provided.”

Liberal senator Cory Bernardi​Limit donations to people on the electoral role, capping donations”It’s wrong for substantial amounts of money from foreign entities in non-democratic governments to flow into [the] Australian bodypolitic.”

One Nation senator Pauline HansonBan foreign donations”On principle, you don’t accept foreign donations. They’re not giving it to you because they like you, they’re doing it because they want deals done.”

Crossbench senator Jacqui LambieBan people with foreign citizenship from donating”Our constitution bans dual citizens from standing for parliament – because of divided loyalties – why not ban them from donating money to political parties as well?”

Crossbench senator Derryn HinchBan foreign donations, introduce a federal anti-corruption body”The government is saying ‘oh, we’ll look at it.’ You don’t have to look at it. Just legislate and say ‘bang, can’t do it.'”

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