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Canberra FC ready to seek revenge on Canberra Olympic in grand final

Canberra Olympic celebrate their win over Canberra FC in last year’s grand final. Photo: Melissa AdamsCanberra FC are seeking grand-final revenge against Canberra Olympic when they clash again on Sunday after suffering a heartbreaking loss in last year’s decider.

Canberra FC coach Zoran Glavinic is confident his side can turn the tide after four grand final losses in a row haunting the team.

Canberra FC and Olympic will face-off in the men’s Premier League grand final while Canberra FC will aim for a double title when their women’s side plays Belconnen United in the championship match on the same day.

“It’s always there, it’s one of those things that we are working on and concentrating on week by week,” Glavinic said.

“This is the one that we wanted and this is the one that everybody talks about who won the grand final. The title’s a good thing obviously but the [grand fina] is the one that you want.

“There’s a little bit there I was just looking at on the history for the last couple of years and this is our fourth grand final that we have made in a row and we have lost two to Olympic. I think it is about time it’s a Canberra FC one”.

Canberra Olympic coach Frank Cachia has had an interrupted couple of weeks for the team with “our routine” gone out the window.

“With all the FFA Cup games our routine has been mucked up a little bit, obviously we will take it, we have got other big games at the same time so we will be ready no matter what,” Cachia said.

Cachia says the squad is brimming with confidence after a stunning run through the FFA Cup. Olympic will face Green Gully in the quarter-final in the coming weeks.

“The squad’s been pretty confident for a while now, with 11 straight wins in all competitions, Cachia said.

“I think we are confident but at the same time we are very respectful of the quality and the ability that Canberra FC have and the players that they can call on.”


Sunday: Men’s – Canberra Olympic vs Canberra FC at Deakin Stadium, 4pm. Women’s – Canberra FC v Belconnen United at Deakin Stadium, at 1pm.

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